To customers of Vicki’s Best
My wife and I are blessed to have children that love to cook and try out new things. It just so
happens, that before we launched these products, my daughter came up with a heart-healthy
pizza recipe that is out-of-this-world. And then my son can put together an incredible omelet
(using mostly egg whites of course).

This got me to thinking that you, the customer, may decide to create your own recipes using
our sausage made with heart-healthy oil to help you eat in a heart-healthy way, and wouldn’t
it be cool if we put them on this site for others to try.

So… here it is. A page just for you. We’ll try your recipes in our kitchen and if we are as
convinced as you, on the web page it goes.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Paste or type the text into the comments box on the contact us page.

Submit your recipe to Vicki's Best!

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